Hold more BETH to enjoy exclusive LBR airdrops

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OKX is launching an exclusive LBR airdrop campaign for BETH holders.

About LBR airdrop campaign

1. Eligibility

  • Users who stake at least an additional 0.1 ETH and receive BETH at a 1:1 ratio from Aug 28, 03:00 to Sep 13, 03:00 (UTC), 2023.
  • If you meet the average holding requirement during the campaign period, you'll be eligible to receive corresponding LBR airdrops.

2. How to get BETH?

3. Rules

  • Before the campaign starts, we'll take a snapshot of your BETH holdings on Aug 28, 03:00 (UTC). The captured BETH holdings at that time will be used as the baseline holdings snapshot (including funding, trading, and growth accounts).
  • During the campaign period from Aug 28, 03:00 to Sep 12, 03:00 (UTC), 2023, we'll take daily snapshots of your BETH holdings. The average BETH holdings that exceed the captured baseline will be considered as the increase in BETH holdings, and users will receive LBR airdrops based on this increase.

4. Reward calculations

  • Your eligible airdrop rewards = (individual's new BETH holdings during the campaign period / total new BETH holdings during the campaign) * LBR amount in the prize pool
  • Your total rewards = OKX exclusive LBR airdrops + ETH staking rewards
  • Example
    • User A had 100 BETH in their possession during a BETH snapshot taken at 03:00 on August 28 (UTC), 2023.
    • The snapshot on August 28, 2023 indicated that User A held 105 BETH. On the 29th, they held 109 BETH, and on the 30th, they held 101 BETH.
    • The calculation for User A's average daily BETH increment over the three days, August 28th, 29th, and 30th, is as follows:
      • (105 + 109 + 101) / 3 - 100 = 5
    • This means that user A, on average, incrementally held 5 BETH over these three days.
    • Assuming the total average BETH increment over the three days of the activity is 1000 BETH.
    • Assuming the total prize pool is 15,000 LBR.
    • Therefore, the user's exclusive LBR airdrop is calculated as follows:
      • User's Exclusive LBR Airdrop = (User's average BETH increment over the three days / Total average BETH increment) * Total Prize Pool
      • (5 BETH / 1000 BETH) * 15000 LBR =75 LBR

5. Campaign details

Campaign period Prize pool
Aug 28, 03:00, 2023 - Sep12, 03:00, 2023 (UTC) 15,000 LBR

6. Reward distribution
If you're an eligible participant, the airdrop rewards will be distributed to your Funding account within 15 working days after the campaign period ends.
Your ETH staking rewards will be distributed to your Funding account daily.


  • The prize pool is subsidized by the LBR project.
  • OKX provides node setup, operation, and maintenance services for ETH staking, and bears all related costs without charging any fees. Additionally, ETH on-chain interest is subject to fluctuations. We will distribute rewards based on the actual on-chain interest.

OKX team
Aug 28, 2023

Terms & conditions:

  • Users must complete basic verification (level 1) to join the campaign.
  • This promotion excludes residents from the following countries/regions: Hong Kong, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Crimea, Sudan, Malaysia, Syria, the United States of America — including all US territories, such as Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Island and the US Virgin Islands (ie, St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas), Bangladesh, Indonesia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Kyrgyzstan, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Switzerland, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Malta.
  • All applicable taxes, fees, and additional expenses, including connection, installation, and/or service costs, related to the acceptance and use of the gift, are the sole responsibility of the individual gift recipient.
  • OKX reserves the right to exclude any participants from this promotion and/or cancel this promotion without notice.
  • OKX reserves the right to interpret the terms and conditions of this promotion as it sees fit, and reserves the right to change or modify these terms and conditions at any time.
  • Please refer to the OKX Terms of Service for more details.
  • OKX is not liable for technical, visual, typographical, or editorial errors or omissions. For more information, visit www.okx.com.