OKX's Lennix Lai Underscores Crypto's Contribution to Vision 2030 Goals at LEAP Conference

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, February 8, 2023 - Lennix Lai, Managing Director of Financial Markets at OKX, one of the world's leading cryptocurrency exchanges and web3 companies, underscored the power of crypto to support Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 goals while speaking at the LEAP Conference today in Riyadh.

Prior to his talk on the FinTech Stage at LEAP, Lai said: "Saudi Arabia is leading by example when it comes to strategic investment in high-growth financial technology as well as human capital development for its people to take advantage of the industries of tomorrow. OKX's mission is to create financial inclusion and nurture the development of global crypto markets, and I believe this can contribute to economic diversification everywhere, including Saudi Arabia. Going forward, there is much potential to invest in and build the crypto ecosystem within Saudi Arabia further in line with Vision 2030."

Through its presence at LEAP as well as other industry gatherings, OKX is committed to investing in its team and the appropriate infrastructure to serve the region in order to further its mission of increasing financial inclusion through access to global crypto markets.

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