OKX NFT Christmas Creative Prize Event and Tutorial for Getting On Board

Dear valued customers of OKX:
OKX NFT Marketplace will kick off the "OKX NFT Christmas Creative Prize" event at 12:00 pm (UTC) on Dec 20, 2022. We invite our valued users to join in this festive celebration of Christmas and the coming of the new year. Use our latest feature — [Create AI art for FREE]
— to showcase your holiday-themed artwork to win prize money. Additionally, you can enjoy [Lazy minting] NFTs at ZERO cost. Create and submit your artwork and show it off to win prize money and OKX NFT merchandise.
Show off your creativity and win rewards at the OKX Christmas art event
1. What's it about?
As we deck the halls with twinkling lights and jingling bells, let's add a touch of digital magic to our Christmas celebration. OKX NFT Christmas Creative Prize Event has arrived. Celebrate Christmas and embrace 2023!
OKX NFT brings you the opportunity to create NFTs and win prize money. You can start from scratch with our latest feature — [Create AI art for FREE]. All you need to do is enter clues or upload photos to remind the AI of what tickles your fancy.
Get your NFTs ready and, join this creative carnival to whip up some frenzy for imagination and ingenuity at Web3.
You can mint your beloved NFTs at ZERO cost throughout the event. Create digital art to catch people's eyes and, most importantly, win prize money and OKX merchandise as rewards!
2. About this event
  • Host and organizer: OKX NFT
  • Who can join: all OKX users
  • Schedule: the event consists of a Creation Phase and a Contest Phase
    • Creation phase: Dec 20, 2022 — Jan 5, 2023
    • Contest phase: Jan 6, 2023 — Jan 12, 2023
    • Winners to be announced: Jan 12, 2023 — Jan 16, 2023

3. How to Get started:

Step 1 — Create and list NFTs
Click [Create AI art for free]-the Christmas event banner, create NFTs, and put the NFTs under the collection of [OKX NFT Christmas 2022]. After that, list your NFTs on OKX NFT Marketplace. Lazy minting is enabled by default to help you create your own NFT at zero cost. You need to add some OKT to your wallet to list your NFT on the marketplace.
Lazy minting: when an NFT is available off-chain and only gets minted once a sale takes place. This means that you don't have to pay any upfront gas fees to mint your NFT, buyers will pay the fees once the token is purchased. Note that you still need gas to list your NFT.
Step 2 — Share NFTs and submit proof of participation
Follow us on Twitter (@OKXWeb3). Post a tweet to share your artwork's screenshot on OKX NFT Marketplace. Take a screenshot of your tweet sharing, and submit it in our form,


Your submitted form is your proof of participation. You are almost there!
Step 3 — Share with friends to win favorites!
To boost your exposure and boost winning chances, you can invite your friends to [Favorite] your NFTs on OKX NFT Marketplace. You need at least 5 favorites to join the competition.
Please be aware that everyone can create as many NFTs for the contest as they want. But each wallet address can have only one linked NFT to compete for the prize.
4. How to emerge from the contest as a winner:
Meet these conditions and boost your social media exposure to join the fun and win prizes:
a) Get 5 favorites for your NFT — you can search the NFT by its token ID in the collection [OKX Christmas NFT 2022]
b) List Your NFTs on OKX NFT Marketplace;
c) Follow @OKXWeb3 on Twitter;
d) Take a screenshot of your NFT's page on OKX NFT Marketplace and share it on your Twitter
e) Take a screenshot of your tweet sharing, and submit it in our form: https://forms.gle/42RWzXo961V5SjPq9
We will post the form on our Twitter account @OKXWeb3.
5. How to boost your chances of winning:
  • Get as many likes as possible on your artwork
  • Retweet your artwork and encourage others to do the same
  • Engage your audience on Twitter and talk with them about your artwork
  • Create high-quality artwork that stands out and impresses
  • Favorite your own NFT and encourage others to do the same
Winners will get these rewards:
Prize money and gifts
Number of winners
First place
$300 per winner, plus merchandise gifts
Second place
$100 per winner
Third place
$50 per winner
Follow the steps below if you are joining via OKX App. It's as easy as pie:
  1. Download OKX App, switch to [Wallet], create your own non-custodial wallet, or connect an existing one. Then tap [NFT Market]. You can see a button next to the search bar, or a button below our Christmas event banner. Tap it, and start creating your NFTs.
  2. Tap [Create AI art for FREE] t
  3. o start working on your artwork.
  4. Tap [Create AI art for FREE], enter some clues, pick your favorite artistic style, and tap [Create now]. Then AI will try to generate a piece of artwork based on your clues. You can also upload a photo as a point of reference to tell the AI what tickles your fancy!
  5. On the [Create NFT] page, name your ERC-721 NFT, and add some descriptions you like.
  6. Your NFT(s) will be added to our Christmas-themed reserve collection [OKX NFT Christmas 2022] for display and contest entry.
  7. Now that you've created the NFTs, you can click [Assets] > [NFT] > [Created] to view your digital artwork and get the sharing link!
A quick tip: boost your winning chances by sharing your NFT links on social media and inviting others to add your NFTs to their favorites.


How to share your NFTs on Twitter?
Step 1: follow us on Twitter (@okxweb3)
Step 2: post a tweet and attach the screenshot of your NFT's page
Step 3: fill out the form https://forms.gle/42RWzXo961V5SjPq9
How to share with friends to win favorites?
Copy the token ID on your NFT's page and share it with your friends.
Ask your friends to open OKX App > Wallet > NFT Marketplace, search and enter [OKX Christmas NFT 2022], and paste the token ID.
Do I need to add some OKT to my wallet if I use the lazy minting feature?
Yes, this event requires creation & listing. Lazy minting is enabled by default during creation to help you create your own NFT at zero cost. But you need to have OKT in your wallet to pay the gas fee for listing.
OKX NFT is committed to improving our products and services. For more information about Web3, blockchain, or OKX, you are welcome to visit our Help Center.
OKX Team
Dec 20, 2022 (UTC)