OKX to list perpetual for ZETA crypto, along with its margin trading and Simple Earn

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We are pleased to announce that USDT-margined perpetual futures for ZETA will be enabled at 3:30 am UTC on February 1, 2024. ZETA margin trading and Simple Earn will be enabled at 4:00 am UTC on February 2, 2024.
The updates will cover both the web and app interfaces as well as the API. The details are as follows:

I. Margin trading and Simple Earn

  1. Spot margin trading will be activated for the following pair: ZETA/USDT.
  2. For the details of the tiered margin level, please refer to Margin Borrowing Position Tiers after the official listing.
  3. For the limits of Simple Earn, please refer to the Introduction to OKX Simple Earn and Its Rules after the official listing.

II. Perpetual futures trading
ZETAUSDT perpetual futures:

Features Details
Underlying ZETA/USDT index
Settlement asset USDT
Face value 10
Price quotation 1 ZETA value calculated in USDT equivalent
Tick size 0.0001
Leverage 0.01-50x
Funding fee Clamp(MA([(Best bid + Best offer) / 2 – Spot index price] / Spot index price – Interest), -0.75%, 0.75%), Interest = 0
Note: Funding fees are received and deducted based on the current period.
Trading hours 24/7

Note: When a new contract is launched, the premium is unstable. To avoid unreasonable charges, the upper limit of the funding fee before 4:00 pm UTC on February 1, 2024 is 0.03%. After 4:00 pm UTC on February 1, 2024, the upper limit of the predicted funding fee will be adjusted back to normal 1.50%. (The funding fee for this period will be charged at 12:00 am UTC on February 2, 2024.)

The price limit rules of ZETA USDT-margined perpetual futures trading are the same as those of other currencies. Please refer to our perpetual futures trading guides for further details.
USDT-margined perpetual futures trading: OKX Perpetual Swap Trading User Agreement

OKX team
February 1, 2024