How do I deposit and redeem crypto on OKX Lite Earn?

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To deposit your crypto and start earning, you'll need to sign up or log in first. Then you can explore Earn offers, deposit your crypto, and redeem it.

How to deposit crypto

  1. Find Earn offers on the individual asset pages or on your portfolio page

  2. Select the offer you like

  3. Select the earning option

  4. Select Next to start depositing. If you don't have enough crypto, you can deposit it from another platform, buy on OKX, or convert another crypto.

  5. Enter the amount you want to deposit in crypto or your local currency. You can also select 100% to deposit all.

  6. Select Preview to review deposit details

  7. If everything looks good, confirm that you've read the user agreement and select Deposit

How to redeem crypto

To review or redeem your deposit, you'll need to switch to the Earnings tab and select your active deposit. Here's how to do it:

  1. Find Earn offers on the individual asset pages or on your portfolio page

  2. Switch to the Earnings tab

  3. Select your active deposit from the list

  4. If it's a flexible-term offer and the order status is Earning, select Redeem and confirm it by selecting Redeem again

  5. If it's a fixed-term offer, select Withdraw early and confirm by selecting Withdraw early again. In this case, you'll only get your initial deposit back and you won't get any earnings.

If you can't redeem your deposit, check the order status. It may be because the status is Pending (we haven't sent your deposit to the blockchain yet) or Redeeming (you're already redeeming this deposit).