Meme coins

Meme tokens are typically cryptocurrencies that carry no utility or real-life value. Instead, Meme tokens attract users and traders through "trending topics" on social media or the internet and hold entertainment value. As trending topics can vary by day, these tokens are highly volatile. Therefore, traders need to be especially cautious when trading Meme tokens. Compared to blue-chips, meme tokens feature public entertainment and community engagement rather than technology. Some of the most popular Meme tokens revolve around dogs. For example, Doge coins were initially based on a popular joke in 2013, which later went viral and inspired a series of satirical emojis that resulted in corresponding meme tokens. Different coins used different breeds of the Shiba Inu as their mascot. Meme tokens generally feature the community as the core of their value proposition. OKX currently supports the most popular and highest-valued Meme tokens in the market. Meme tokens have millions of supporters, including Elon Musk and Mark Cuban. Meme token projects have also launched charity donations, one of which raised funds to provide clean drinking water to Kenya in 2014.
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