We are changing our name and our brand identity

Meet OKX: A new identity for a big future

Starting today, we are renaming the company from OKEx to OKX. 

We are now Our apps will be rebranded to reflect our new name, new logo and our new identity. More to come in the following six to 12 months.

Why OKX?

When our team just started the journey in crypto, Bitcoin was in its infancy as a network. Ethereum was still being developed. Other public blockchains and applications were no more than white paper concepts. However, through Bitcoin, we caught the glimpse of a refreshingly different future, a real open system for everyone where every individual has freedom and dignity to maximize and truly own their own value. 

That was what got us started in the first place. OKX began as a crypto exchange. The “Ex” in our name represents the open marketplace we have been focused on building for everyone to freely access and exchange their crypto assets. We started as a centralized exchange because that was what was needed and feasible for our industry to grow.  

Fast-forward to 2022, the market value of crypto has reached over $2 trillion, roughly 20% of gold’s market cap. The rise of decentralized finance, NFTs and metaverses are creating exciting possibilities. Web 3.0, a mere concept 10 years ago, has become the new frontier of this wave of technological revolution. Change is the name of our game. 

As our industry evolves and captures the attention and imagination of more entrepreneurs, builders and explorers, OKX has also been evolving. While we have built the most reliable and advanced centralized crypto exchange infrastructure to serve 20+ million customers around the world, we never stopped challenging our own status quo. We have been developing decentralized products to advance crypto globally, including MetaX (your best access to everything decentralized), a noncustodial wallet that is compatible with multiple blockchains, an NFT marketplace, and OKC (a decentralized blockchain with high-performance metrics with exciting features under development and a growing community), to name a few. 

We are building so much more than a centralized exchange. It is time for us to evolve our brand to reflect what we stand for and what we are building toward. We want to venture with you into the possibilities that exist ahead of us — intersections between crypto and so many worlds we’ll enter together. Finance (DeFi) and gaming (play-to-earn) are just the starting points. That’s why we’re dropping the E and dialing up the X to pave that path. We hope this change will help the journey each of you takes through our platform, whether trading, staking or going through one of the metaverses. 

What hasn’t changed? 

Our commitment to building a more decentralized and smart future. We are here to build a world that is powered by technology, defined by billions of dreams, and empowering billions of individuals around the world. Together with many others in the crypto industry, we are building an increasingly decentralized infrastructure layer that connects people one-on-one around the world, forms autonomous and purposeful communities, and gives them tools to fulfill their own dreams. 

Our focus on customers.  A big part of this change was also driven by the constant drive to improve our products for our customers. That drive has won us support and trust from all of you around the world, through good and bad, which in turn has carried us through many of our own growing pains. Our commitment to you won’t change regardless of how we are branded. We are here to serve you. We hope that with a refreshed brand, we will offer you even stronger innovation, more upgraded experience and deeper delight across our ecosystem. 

What’s next?

We are committed to investing deeply in the future of crypto. 

MetaX, a new experience within OKX, provides a multi-chain self-custody wallet and NFT marketplace, along with a DEX and DApp ecosystem. 

We have introduced OKC (OKX’s decentralized chain), which offers about 1,000 transactions/second. 

In the future, OKX will continue to launch the next generation of crypto products and build on our existing ones, use OKB as a bridge between the OKX platform and you, and use OKT as the native token of OKC. 

Thank you for being part of this journey with us. The future of more empowered individuals is Xciting and Xcelerating with all of you! 

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