In celebration of the Shanghai upgrade, OKX Earn will launch BETH Flash Deals

Published on Apr 12, 2023Updated on Apr 4, 20242 min read

To celebrate the Shanghai upgrade, OKX will launch BETH Flash Deals at 03:00 am UTC on April 13, 2023. After the redemption function is opened on the Ethereum network, the OKX ETH2.0 staking page will support redemption functions on April 19, 2023.

You can stake ETH and receive BETH 1:1 instantly on the ETH2.0 staking page and earn daily on-chain rewards and also trade through BETH/USDT and BETH/ETH. OKX has 24-hour world-class security and maintenance, which ensures the safety of your assets. OKX's ETH2.0 Staking Pool doesn't charge a commission fee.

BETH Flash Deals

  1. Subscription period
    a. From: April 13, 2023, 03:00 am UTC
    b. To: subscription will be open for 2 days, or until the total subscription amount has reached its quota.

  2. Rewards: Stake BETH and receive other cryptos.

  3. Participation conditions: Users who hold BETH.

  4. Details

Stake Receive Term Max. subscription amount (total) Max. subscription amount (individual) Est. APY Ratio
BETH FLOKI 5 Days 5,000 BETH 5 BETH 36.8% + the on-chain ETH2.0 staking reward 54,997,128
BETH XETA 5 Days 1,850 BETH 5 BETH 43,060
BETH CITY 5 Days 1,810 BETH 5 BETH 320
BETH MENGO 5 Days 1,650 BETH 5 BETH 4,000
BETH CHZ 5 Days 600 BETH 5 BETH 14,425
BETH POR 5 Days 425 BETH 5 BETH 1,850
BETH ARG 5 Days 350 BETH 5 BETH 1,740
  1. Return calculation: Received amount = (Staking amount × Term × Ratio × est. APY) / 365
    Note: "ratio" means the ratio between the price of staking crypto and the price of received crypto, as defined by the market price at 12:00 on April 11, 2023 (UTC +8)
  2. Reward distribution rules:
    a. The on-chain ETH2.0 staking reward will be distributed daily to the user's funding account.
    b. BETH Flashdeals rewards will be distributed to the user's funding account after the 5-day term ends.

You can visit the page via:
Web:Navigation bar > Grow > Earn, search BETH click to subscribe.
App:Grow > Earn, search BETH click to subscribe.

OKX team
April 12, 2023