OKX Giveaway (Round 10.5)



Follow, retweet, invite 100 people to our Telegram http://bit.ly/2I4kTo4, and comment your Telegram user name on Twitter. The first 3 participants who successfully invited 100 people win 900 DADI. Game ends at 18:00 May 3, 2018 (Hong Kong time).

Terms & conditions

  • The game ends at 18:00 May 3, 2018 (Hong Kong time). Any submission after the date will be considered as ineligible
  • Each participant can only submit once. The submission which has been edited will not be considered
  • 3 winners will be picked by OKX randomly
  • Each winner can get 900 DADI
  • Prizes will be sent to the winners' OKX accounts
  • The result will be announced in about 1 week after the game ends
  • All winners will have to provide contact information for further arrangement
  • For winners who are not able to reply the message will be considered as forfeiting the prize
  • Participants who spam in the Telegram group will be banned
  • In case of any dispute, OKX reserves the right of final decision