【Lead traders】How to carry out lead trades?

Creating a lead trade
After you become a lead trader, you can continue carrying out trades on the regular trading page. If a trade involves one of your selected lead trade contracts, a signal will be automatically sent to traders copying you, and they’ll automatically copy the trade at the market price.
Managing lead trades
Your lead trade orders will be shown in the order management at the bottom of the trading page, and also in the lead trading section.
There are two display types for viewing lead trade orders: “Detailed and “Overview. Detailed will display all data broken down by individual orders, while Overview will show aggregated data for each contract type. Due to risk control reasons, “Overview data will also include data from orders that weren’t copied.
After a trader starts leading a trade, they can set the take profit and stop loss. To ensure a positive experience for copy traders, when setting a stop loss/take profit order price, or when closing a position, the lead trader can only use the market price and must close the entire position.