Buy KNC in a few steps

Buy KNC in a few steps

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Accepted payment methods
Buy KNC in a few stepsBuy KNC in a few stepsBuy KNC in a few stepsBuy KNC in a few steps426+
Accepted payment methods
Buy KNC in a few stepsBuy KNC in a few stepsBuy KNC in a few stepsBuy KNC in a few steps426+

How to buy Kyber Network with card

Buy/Sell KNC in a few steps

Buy/Sell KNC in a few steps
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Buy/Sell KNC in a few steps

What is KNC?

Kyber Network is a multi-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) that aggregates data from other DEXs and swap services to provide users with a liquidity pool with the best exchange and swap rates.

With a single interface, KyberSwap, users get access to a host of global liquidity pools. Kyber Network's decentralization and liquidity aggregation propelled them to prominence. Today, Kyber Network has data of 20,000 tokens from over 60 DEXs across 11+ chains. For traders, this helps them make the most financially viable trades and reduces the time spent comparing prices on different DEXs.

The native token, KNC, can also be used to participate in staking and governance voting in KyberDAO

How to buy Cryptocurrency?

Why buy KNC with OKX?

Buy/Sell KNC in a few steps


OKX makes it easy to buy Cryptocurrency with a user-friendly interface
Buy/Sell KNC in a few steps


OKX offers a variety of payment methods and supports numerous local currencies to help users buy Kyber Network
Buy/Sell KNC in a few steps


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What can I do after I buy KNC?

Buy KNC to have a stake in cryptocurrencies powering emerging DEXs. With over 100 dApps integrated into Kyber Network, there are numerous ways to benefit from holding and trading KNC.

Trade KNC Short-Term

KNC price fluctuates like any other cryptocurrency. You can use different prediction models to profit by buying low and selling high. You can also use our wide range of charts and tools to speculate and capture profits.

Stake KNC to Earn

When you stake your KNC in the KyberDAO, you can receive rewards from trading fees across the ecosystem. Additionally, participating in KyberDAO as an active member also makes you eligible for KNC rewards.

Stake KNC to Govern Kyber Network

Become a part of the KyberDAO by staking your KNC. You will gain the right to propose and vote on different aspects of the Kyber Network, including adding more tokens in KyberSwap, chain support, liquidity and defining the incentives.

Make Payments with KNC

KNC has partnered with several crypto payment platforms like and Monolith, where you can get a Visa debit card that allows you to pay in KNC. This means you can shop and pay at millions of merchants worldwide.

How to buy Cryptocurrency and store it safely?

Guide on how to buy Kyber Network (KNC)

Buy KNC with Debit/Credit Card

OKX offers an easy fiat to crypto on-ramp service. You can buy KNC with over 90+ fiat currencies available, using your debit/credit card. OKX supports Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay and more. If KNC is not available for purchase using your preferred fiat, you can buy USDT or BTC first to exchange it for KNC.

Buy USDT from Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Market

Navigate to our escrow-powered P2P trading window and purchase USDT directly from trusted sellers to trade it for KNC. OKX supports 40 payment methods, including bank transfer, PayPal, Cash App, Revolut and more.

Buy KNC with USDT, USDC or BTC

Easily buy KNC with USDT, USDC or BTC in our Spot Trading market. OKX offers the KNC/USDT, KNC/USDC and KNC/BTC trading pairs. If you already own these coins, you can transfer them to your OKX account to trade them at market value or set limit orders.

Buy KNC with OKX Convert

Buying KNC may not be possible with some fiat or crypto assets, but OKX has you covered in such a scenario. OKX Convert offers free, instant, slippage-free swaps for over 100 different cryptocurrencies.

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  • Is Kyber Network and KNC secure?
    KNC has multiple procedures in place to ensure its ecosystem security. They include a code audit from ChainSecurity, transparent and on-chain transactions, complete code in open source, a bug bounty program and insurance from Unslashed.
  • Is it safe to buy KNC on OKX?
    Our 20 million (and increasing) users are proof of our safe services. With billions of dollars of crypto traded daily, we don't take safety and security lightly. OKX employs the latest in cybersecurity and offline storage to ensure your bought assets are safe at all times.
  • Is there a way to gain liquidity without selling my KNC?
    You can check our Loan services to find flexible and fixed interest loans against your KNC. You can deposit KNC as collateral, borrow funds and then return with interest to get your KNC tokens back.
  • How do I use a limit order to buy KNC?
    Buy KNC at a cheaper rate using a limit order. Simply define the price and quantity of KNC that you'd like to purchase. OKX then executes the trade whenever a KNC seller matches your rates.
  • Can I extend my profit chances with KNC?
    Margin trading allows you to profit exponentially with leveraged trades. OKX offers up to 5x leverage on KNC/USDT and KNC/BTC pairs. However, be careful as the elasticity runs both ways and you run higher risks of erosion, even complete loss, in bearish markets. Therefore, it is best to first read up on margin trading in our Academy.
  • What are the most popular cryptocurrencies to invest in today?

    Top crypto, based on market capitalization or total circulation value, include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), and XRP (XRP).

    However, like all other crypto, the above are also featured with volatility and risks. You should do your own research (DYOR) and evaluate your risk appetite before investing in any crypto.

  • What are the top cryptocurrencies I can buy on OKX now?
    OKX provides access to hundreds of crypto and trading pairings. Some of the most popular crypto on OKX include BTC, ETH, USDT, DOGE, SOL and OKB. You can visit our brand-new OKX Crypto Calculator. Select a crypto and a fiat currency to check the estimated real-time price.