What are the public and private markets in P2P trading?

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The P2P (Peer-to-Peer) trading offers a decentralized model where participants can interact directly with each other, eliminating middlemen and reducing costs. On OKX P2P trading, you can choose to publish ads in public or private markets, each with its own advantages. 

What are the advantages of public and private markets in P2P trading?

1. Public Market: 

  • Broad Visibility: Public ads are displayed to all OKX users and business partners, increasing the chances of finding a buyer or seller who matches your terms.
  • Quick settlement: Due to the large number of users who can see your ad, your transaction is more likely to be completed faster and more efficiently.
  • Competition: Visibility in public markets allows you to have a clear idea of how the market is performing and allows you to adjust your prices or conditions accordingly to be competitive. 

2. Private Market: 

  • Audience control: Private ads are only visible to users of your choice and those who share your QR or link, allowing you more control over your ads's audience - an advantage for those who prefer dealing with a select group of users they feel at ease with.
  • Security and privacy: Reducing the audience for your ad helps safeguard against scammers. Private ads are the ideal choice if you prefer to maintain discretion in your transactions.
  • Personalized negotiations: Private ads allow flexibility in negotiating terms and prices directly with the selected users to whom you have shared your offer.

How to select the mode of your market?

  1. Enter your P2P trading profile, either on the web or on your mobile.
  2. Create a new ad or modify an existing ad.
    CT-p2p-publicprivatemarket-1Create your ad for P2P trading
  3. Select your preferred mode from the list: Public, or Private in the Marketplace option.
    CT-p2p-publicprivatemarket-2Select your preferred marketplace to start P2P trading