Connecting Keystone to OKX Wallet is now available in extension

發佈於 2023年6月27日更新於 2024年4月4日閱讀時長 2 分鐘

Dear OKX users

The OKX Wallet extensions will officially support the connection to the Keystone hardware wallet on June 26, 2023. Also,the OKX wallet App will soon support the connection to Keystone in couple weeks.

Now you can connect the Keystone to OKX Wallet to view and manage 28 multi-chain, 1000+ currency assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, OKTC, BNB, Polygon, etc., and use the Keystone hardware wallet to participate in dex, NFT markets and various dapp projects with one click. While protecting the security of assets through hardware wallets, you can freely participate in the Web3 world.

You can download the latest extensions application, and experience it immediately after upgrading to the latest version,he usage tutorial is as follows:

To connect your Keystone wallet:

1.If you're on the landing page, you can import it via I don't have a wallet.
2.If you're on the wallet homepage, you can import it via Manage > Add wallet.
3.3Connect your hardware device via QR-base code
4.Choose your wallet account and address
If you encounter any problems during use, feel free to contact us for support.

Thank you for your continuous support of OKX, keen to further improve our products and services to better serve you in the future.

OKX Team,
June 27, 2023 (UTC+8)