We’re partnering with TradingView — analyze and trade at the same time

We’re partnering with TradingView — the most-popular cryptocurrency charting platform and trading-related social network — in order to allow you to execute trades on OKX directly from the TradingView platform.

OKX traders will be able to execute spot trades, futures trades and swaps directly from TradingView — all while conducting top-tier technical analysis. The partnership also lets high-volume traders take advantage of OKX’s unified account mode to optimize their capital usage while charting to keep an edge over the competition.

We hope the partnership helps users trade even more profitably and responsibly, thanks to the ability to chart and trade within the same platform. 

To get started, simply hover over the OKX icon in the TradingView Panel, click “Connect” and enter your OKX account credentials. For step-by-step instructions, check out this guide.

As TradingView says: “Look first, then leap.”

Start trading from your OKX account directly on TradingView today!

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