OKX Wallet——Exclusive Aptos campaign with a $10,000 prize pool!


Dear OKX users

Aptos campaign month
OKX Wallet App has now integrated Aptos, OKX Wallet web extension will be available from 19 Oct. Now you can manage your Aptos assets in the OKX app and OKX Wallet web extension.
To celebrate the launch of Aptos, we are kicking off a two-phase Aptos campaign month with a $20,000 prize pool! Phase 1 "Deposit to share a $10,000 prize pool" starts now!

Deposit to share a $10,000 prize pool

Step 1: Create or import your Aptos wallet into OKX Wallet (app or web extension)
How to use the Aptos network on OKX Wallet? (App)
How to use the Aptos network on OKX Wallet? (Web/Wallet Extension)

Step 2: Transfer at least $100 worth of APT from other exchanges or wallets to OKX Wallet through Wallet > Receive.

Step 3: After depositing, you'll be eligible to share a $10,000 APT prize pool. The prize will be airdropped to your wallet within 10 working days after Phase 1 (14:00 UTC on Oct. 25, 2022) ends.

Also, stay tuned for the second $10,000 prize pool on OKX DEX!

October 12th, 2022 (UTC)