OKX Token Delisting / Hiding Guideline


OKX is a digital asset trading platform dedicated to providing users a robust trading environment. To protect the interests of our users and promote a sustainable development of the blockchain industry, we keep track of the performance of all our listed tokens. For those underperforming token projects / trading pair, OKX reserves the right to delist / hide them. The token which is hidden will not be shown in the token trading list and charts. OKX still supports trading of the hidden tokens but they will only be able to be found by entering its ticker in the search field.

This Policy is legally binding to all tokens or projects listed on OKX with immediate effect. If you do not agree with this Policy, you may contact our team to delist your token from us. By continuing listing on OKX, you hereby agree to be bound by this policy.

Token Delisting / Hiding Policy

Token delisting / hiding decisions are based on, but not limited to the following rules:

1. Project and Team

1.1. Major changes in team, product or business model without notifying OKX in advance for auditing; or transferring or selling of the project;

1.2. The project, team, consultant, or founder has significant legal and negative issues (drugs, data theft, etc.), or has involved in market manipulation. If such issues are found, the project will be suspended for investigation;

1.3. The project itself was notified by the SEC and other national or regional judicial or regulatory authorities of suspected violations;

2. Token Trading

2.1. Increasing the total available supply of the token or splitting the token without notifying users and the exchange 15 days in advance;

2.2. The average daily trading volume of a trading pair is lower than 5 BTC for 7 days consecutively or no order is filled in a trading pair within 24 hours;

2.3. The team’s and foundation’s addresses have never been disclosed on the official website or social media, and the token is not used according to the lock-up plan and the actual situation.

3. Operations

3.1. Major deviations in information disclosure, deceiving users and the exchange;

3.2. The website is inaccessible, social media and community are unmaintained for more than two weeks

3.3. No mainstream social media such as WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

3.4. The mainstream social media or official website has not disclosed any project progress and conditions for more than one month (development progress, version updates, team trends, etc.)

3.5.Causing damage OKX’s reputation / the community with the project’s promotion or any other marketing activities

4. Project Technology

4.1. The project development is not carried out in accordance with the timeline of the roadmap planned in the White Paper. Progress delays without explanation or announcement.

4.2. The link/protocol layer project source code (GitHub) has not been updated for more than 30 days, and the application-type project 30-day version has not been updated

4.3. The project is suspected to be involved in money laundering, deceiving, pyramid scheme or any other illegal acts.

5. Security & Safety

5.1. Serious technical or safety issues found during mainnet swap and refusing to pay a security deposit;

5.2. Security loopholes found in the smart contract code;

5.3. Possessing over 51% of the probability of being or was already attacked due to forking issues.

OKX Token Delisting / Hiding Procedure

OKX may delist a token and remove the market without prior notice, but users are usually notified in advance. The exact delisting / hiding of the token will be made known in announcements.

You support is critical to our review process. You're always welcome to provide us any information about any token. Together, we can build an ever-growing market and a healthy environment for digital asset trading. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused during the delisting process. Thank you for your understanding.

Aug 3,2018