Dear valued customers,

It is our pleasure to announce that Infinity Project(HYCON )、FAST ACCESS BLOCKCHAIN (FAB) have been selected as the winners of our OKX Listing Vote - Round 2.

The 3 were chosen out of the 23 projects by our users and Prime Investors. Meanwhile, we will continue to review all the votes manually to ensure that the result is accurate and authentic. Please stay tuned for a further announcement on Jun 25 as for the go-live schedule of the 3 tokens.

OKB Return Arrangement

  1. If you have voted for the winning projects or the projects which will NOT participate in the next voting round, all your OKB will be returned automatically to your account within 24 hours. You may check the status under "Account - My Wallet - Lock-up".
  2. If you have voted for the projects which are going to participate in the next voting round, you may choose to withdraw your votes or keep them for the next round. If you wish to withdraw your votes, you will have to do it manually from 11:00 Jun 23 to 14:00 Jun 25 (Hong Kong time).

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for all your participation in helping us to build a better community. We will make a further announcement about the start date and rules of round 3 of OKX Listing Vote, please stay tuned.

Yours truly,
Jun 23, 2018