Copy traders FAQs

Published Sep 1, 2023Updated Sep 13, 20236 min read

1. Why did my order fail?

The following factors could stop you from copying a trade:

  • A lead trader has stopped leading trades or has had their lead trader status revoked
  • A lead trader has reached the daily lead trade limit
  • A lead trader's trade has triggered risk control
  • Your trading account has insufficient funds
  • Your open position value has exceeded the spread protection amount
  • Your total copy trade amount reached the maximum limit you set 

2. What causes a position to close?

Copy and lead traders can close positions manually, or closures might be triggered due to a take profit/stop loss or liquidation.

  • Manual closure by copy trader
    Copy traders can close positions in the following ways:
    • Option 1: Discover > Copy trading > My copies > Open orders > Close all
      CT-app-copytrading-closeIn the app: Find "Copy trading" in the User center and select "My copies"
      CT-web-copytrading-closeOn the web: Find "My copies" on Copy trading page
    • Option 2: Trade > Positions > select a specific position to close
      CT-app-trade-positioncloseIn the App: Find "Positions" on the Trade page
      CT-web-close-openpositionOn the web: Find "Open Positions" on the Trade page
  • Manual closure by lead trader
    Lead traders can close lead positions in the same way they’d close a regular position. When they do so, any copied positions under copy traders will also close.
  • Take profit/Stop loss trigger
    If you set up a take profit or stop loss when setting up a copy trade order, the order will automatically close when the trigger amount is reached.
  • Liquidation
    A copy trader’s trade can be liquidated for the following reasons:
    • The copy trader’s margin is insufficient
    • The lead trader’s position is liquidated 

3. How do I choose a lead trader?

Select Discover > Copy trading on the web or app. Here you can view key data about each lead trader to help you decide whose trades you want to copy. When you’ve made your decision, simply select Copy on your preferred trader. There are three ways where you can base your decision on as below:

  • Market board
    On the market board, you can rank lead traders by a number of different data indicators.
    CT-trading-copytradingfaq-app1Filter traders using multiple indicators by selecting Overview
    The current available data indicators are as follows:
    Indicator Definition
    PnL% PnL% = Profit / Cost. Cost calculations will consider any changes caused by funds being transferred in or out of a user’s trading account.
    PnL PnL = Lead trades' PNL in a period of time
    Win rate Win rate = No. of profitable orders / Total no. of orders
    Copy traders’ Pnl The sum of follower profits for the selected period
    AUM Assets under management. The total value of assets copied by followers who are currently copying this trader.
    Number of copy traders 20%
    PnL of copy traders 15%

Note: Lead trader data is updated every hour.

  • Ranking by Overview
    You can also select Overview to see a comprehensive ranking of lead traders, which we calculate by weighting multiple indicators for each trader. The current indicator weighting is as follows:
    Indicator Weighting
    Cumulative PnL% 20%
    PnL% (Last 30 days) 15%
    PnL% (Last 7 days) 10%
    Max drawdown (Historical) 10%
    Max drawdown (Weekly) 10%
    Number of copy traders 20%
    PnL of copy traders 15%

Note: The weighting of indicators may be adjusted at any time based on feedback and data after launch.

  • Trader profile
    You can select on a lead trader’s name to see their profile, which contains a more detailed breakdown of their trading history, portfolio, and following. You can directly follow a lead trader or copy their trades from this page.
    CT-trading-copytradingfaq-app2You can view the lead trader's details to aid you in your selection 

4. How many lead traders can I copy?

You can copy 1 lead trader in single-way mode, and 7 lead traders in hedge mode. 

5. How can I manage copied trades?

Copy traders can view their copy trades by going to Copy trading > My copies. You can view the following types of information.
CT-trading-copytradingfaq-web1View all the copied trade details on the My copies page
My traders: View details of traders that you are copying. Select Manage to adjust the copy settings for new positions from that trader, or to stop copying that trader.
Open orders: View all ongoing open positions and orders.
History: View the details of all copied positions which have closed. 

6. What are the supported copy contracts?

We currently support 100 pairs of copy contracts. You will see different available contracts for each lead trader, according to their trade settings. You can find out our supported copy contracts here

7. What is my maximum leverage in copy trading?

Your maximum leverage in copy trading is the same as your maximum leverage in manual contract trading. 

8. What is the maximum amount that I can copy from a lead trader?

You can copy a contract between 20 USDT - 1,000 USDT per order and can copy accumulated up to 30,000 USDT. Once your accumulated copy margin reaches the maximum of 30,000 USDT, the system will automatically stop copying new positions. 

9. Does copy trading applicable to all countries and regions users?

Copy trading is not supported in all markets and jurisdictions. Please see the OKX Terms of Service for more information.