OKX Affiliate Program Rules

1. How to become an affiliate
To become an affiliate and earn commissions, you must invite 10 eligible users.
Users who meet any of the below requirements are eligible:
  1. Claimed the Mystery Box for buying crypto or depositing
  1. Traded 5,000 USDT or more (excluding zero-fee trades)
2. How to earn commissions as an affiliate
  1. Get affiliate links - The links and codes are on the Affiliates page. You can customize your affiliate code and link, or create new links and set commission rates for you and your invitees. Your referral link will be your default affiliate link.
  1. Share your links - Share your affiliate links or codes with your friends and your community, or promote via social media and other channels.
  1. Join and trade - Your invitees use your link or code to:
    1. sign up on OKX and make a trade, or
    2. log in again after over 180 days and make a trade
  1. Earn commissions - You earn a commission from every trading fee paid by your invitees for the lifetime. Commissions are settled hourly in USDT.
Note: If an invitee's counterparty has a negative trading fee rate, the final commission will be calculated based on the actual net trading fees incurred.
We do not credit commissions for:
  • Zero-fee trades
  • Trades with rebate cards (commissions will be credited in the form of rebate cards)
  • Trades with special fee rates
  • VIP 3 or above users based on 30-day trading volume
  • VIP 5 or above users based on total assets
You cannot earn commissions from Chinese users if you registered outside of China.
3. Where to view commission metrics
  1. You can view invitees' deposited amount, fees, and commissions on the Invitees page.
  1. You can also download the data report. Select any period from one day to one year before the report creation. You can create up to 30 reports per month. Each data report is available for download within 15 days after creation.
4. Assessing the affiliate level
  1. OKX will assess all affiliates monthly with immediate effect and adjust commission rates based on your affiliate level.
  1. Affiliates are assessed based on: 1) Invitees' monthly trading volume, 2) Number of new or total traded invitees per month.
  1. The default commission rate is 30%.
    • If you meet the criteria for a higher level, you will be upgraded next month with a higher commission rate.
    • If you fail to meet the current level's criteria for three consecutive months, your level will be adjusted correspondingly.
    • You won't be able to receive commissions when your affiliate level is 0.
  1. After becoming an affiliate, you can enjoy a 5-month affiliate level protection period. During this time, your commission rate will not fall below your first month's rate.
Note: For affiliates joining before or on the 15th of the month, the protection period ends on the last day of the 5th calendar month. For affiliates joining after the 15th of the month, the protection period ends on the last day of the 6th calendar month.
Example: If you join the affiliate program on July 1, your protection period will be from July to November. If you join on July 20, your protection period will be from July to December.
5. Partnering with sub-affiliates
As an affiliate, you can invite sub-affiliates to help share your links, and your sub-affiliates can also get a share of the invitee's trading fee. Here's how it works:
  1. Make sure your sub-affiliate has an OKX account.
  1. Create a sub-affiliate link on the Affiliates page.
Note: Only affiliates can create and edit the link.
  1. Set commission rates for you, sub-affiliates, and invitees.
Note: Once done, you can only modify the rate for sub-affiliates but not invitees. Commission rates are the same for spot and derivatives.
  1. Earn commissions on invitees' trading fees.
Note: If an invitee uses a rebate card, commissions will be credited to you and your sub-affiliates in the form of rebate cards.
  1. Track the performance data on the Affiliates page.
Note: Sub-affiliates can also track their data on the Affiliates page.
OKX will assess each sub-affiliate link with immediate effect. To learn more about the sub-affiliate link rules, please read Sub-affiliate Link Rules
6. Removing affiliates from the program
For account security, you will be removed from the affiliate program if suspicious activity is detected, including but not limited to:
  1. Redirecting users to OKX from websites that resemble the OKX official website, including:
    • Websites mirroring the look and feel of the OKX website
    • Websites with similar URLs as our official URL (www.okx.com), such as www.okx.xxx.com
    • Websites loaded with OKX logos as clickbait
  1. Using social media accounts that resemble the OKX official social media account, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  1. Sending invitation emails or text messages by impersonating OKX
  1. Advertising OKX's brand keywords such as "OKX" and "OKX Exchange" in search engines, including Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, and Naver
  1. Self-inviting through multiple accounts
OKX reserves the right to modify or discontinue the affiliate program and modify the terms at any time and for any reason without prior notice.