The beginner's guide to identity verification


How can I increase my transaction and withdrawal limits?

After you've successfully completed Level 1 verification, you can increase your deposit and withdrawal limits by completing Level 2 verification.

I have multiple nationalities. Which one should I use to pass verification more easily?

The best way to pass identity verification is to use the most accurate citizenship. In other words, use the citizenship that is most relevant to your identity.

Why am I unable to select a voter's card as a form of ID?

This type of ID may not be supported for identity verification in your country. If you believe it should be supported in your country, please contact customer support.

What is a supported form of government-issued ID?

A government-issued ID is a type of identification that is officially issued by the government and legally accepted as identity, such as a driver's license, passport, and certain national ID cards.

I no longer live at the residential address on my document ID. Can I still verify my identity?

Yes. If you want to change the original address associated with your account to your new address, you'll need to provide an additional proof of address document to verify your new address.

Why do you need my residential address?

We're required to ask for your residential address for regulation and security purposes.

I'm under the age of 18. Why can't I sign up?

Due to local laws and regulations, you must be 18 or older to access our services.

Why do I need to upload and submit a selfie for level 2 verification?

We need your selfie to compare it with your ID and make sure it's really you. We'll store it securely and never share with third parties.

Which type of documents can I use to verify my address for level 2 verification?

  • Driver's license (if the address is visible and matches the one previously provided in Level 1 verification).
  • Government-issued IDs with your current address.
  • Valid water, electricity, and gas bills, bank statements (e-statement is also acceptable), and property management invoices issued within the last 3 months with your current address stated.
  • Documentation or voter identification listing your full address issued within the last 3 months by your state or local government, employer Human Resources or finance department, and university or college

Can I verify my address using a letter or package that was sent to me?

No. To verify your address, you must use a supported document as listed in the answer above.

I'm not sure about how much USD I'm planning to deposit. Can I change my estimated amount later?

No, but we only collect your estimate for reference purposes. You can always deposit more than the amount you answered with later on. If you have additional questions, please contact customer support.

Will the answers for my account purpose, source of funds, and occupation affect my account verification status?

No, this is used for reference purposes only. That means these answers won't affect the approval of your account.