OKX Ventures Shapes the Future of Web2 and Web3 Data Analytics with Investment in 0xScope, a Data Intelligence Platform

OKX Ventures and 0xScope

HONG KONG SAR, September 28, 2023 - OKX Ventures, the investment arm of leading global crypto exchange and leading Web3 company OKX, today announced an investment in 0xScope, a data intelligence platform that offers a knowledge graph protocol for Web2 and Web3 data.

0xScope offers a range of SaaS solutions that address the data-centric demands of Web3 venture capital funds, blockchain protocols, Layer-1 and Layer-2 ecosystems, trading firms and developers. One of 0xScope's core offerings is Scopescan, a blockchain analytics and investigation platform powered by 0xScope's knowledge graph. Scopescan enables traders to track and analyze over 84 million on-chain entities, 600,000 tokens, 1.4 million address identity labels, five million address behavior labels and 17 million exchange deposit and withdrawal address labels.

OKX Ventures Founder Dora Yue said: "Data plays a crucial role in the three main technological pillars of Web3: cross-chain integration, decentralized storage and privacy computing. By leveraging knowledge graph technology, 0xScope has made impressive progress in these three areas. Its strategic use of transparent transactional data and Externally Owned Account wallets also helps clients gather actionable insights based on raw on-chain data and enhances on-chain surveillance, data extraction and the development of new Web3 applications. OKX Ventures is proud to support 0xScope as it prepares to launch new features in Q4 and continues to play a role in the expansion of the Web3 ecosystem."

With the OKX Ventures investment, 0xScope is expected to continue making significant strides in its mission to decentralize and democratize access to Web2 and Web3 data, as well as unlock the potential of Web3. OKX Ventures also supports 0xScope's goal of creating an inclusive, open-source ecosystem that enables seamless uploading, validation, processing and downloading of Web2 and Web3 data.

OKX Ventures also recently announced a USD1 million investment in Moonbox, an artificial intelligence (AI) technology and Web3-focused start-up based in Hong Kong, and Shutter Network, an open-source project that aims to prevent malicious MEV and front running on Ethereum.

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