Buy BADGER in a few steps

Buy BADGER in a few steps

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Accepted payment methods
Buy BADGER in a few stepsBuy BADGER in a few stepsBuy BADGER in a few stepsBuy BADGER in a few steps426+
Accepted payment methods
Buy BADGER in a few stepsBuy BADGER in a few stepsBuy BADGER in a few stepsBuy BADGER in a few steps426+

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Buy/Sell BADGER in a few steps

Buy/Sell BADGER in a few steps
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Buy/Sell BADGER in a few steps

What is BADGER?

BadgerDAO is a user-run, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) building the infrastructure to bring Bitcoin to decentralized finance (DeFi). It operates on Ethereum, Polygon and BSC, accepting BTC and issuing ibBTC, which can also be used in different DeFi protocols on SushiSwap, Swapr and other DEXs.

BadgerDAO has two prominent products - Sett Vaults and DIGG. Sett Vaults offers automated strategies for users to earn yield on Bitcoin and more. DIGG, on the other hand, is a decentralized elastic-supply cryptocurrency pegged to price of Bitcoin.

BADGER is the native governance token of BadgerDAO. The token gives users the right to participate in the governance of BadgerDAO. At the same time, it can be used to earn staking rewards or as collateral on various platforms across DeFi. When you stake BADGER in BadgerDAO's Sett Vault, you receive bBADGER in return. Holding BADGER or bBADGER increases your APYs in Sett Vaults as part of the Badger Boost program.

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Buy/Sell BADGER in a few steps


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Buy/Sell BADGER in a few steps


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Buy/Sell BADGER in a few steps


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What can I do after I buy BADGER?

BadgerDAO has successfully integrated multiple DeFi products into its platform to help the world's first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, to be functional across blockchains. Buy BADGER to have a stake in BadgerDAO and capture some of its growth.

Invest BADGER in Sett Vaults

You can deposit BADGER and other Bitcoin-linked assets in BadgerDAO's DeFi product, Sett Vaults. Sett Vaults allow users to deposit their assets into smart contracts that automate and execute the best risk-adjusted reward-earning strategy across DeFi. Strategies include lending, providing liquidity and farming.

Badger Bridge

Badger Bridge allows users to bring their BTC from the Bitcoin blockchain into the Ethereum blockchain. Users will receive renBTC or WBTC at a 1:1 rate with BTC, which can be swapped back to BTC anytime with very low slippage. renBTC and WBTC can be deposited into Sett Vaults for yields, used as collateral, or used across DeFI.

Participate in BadgerDAO's Governance

Major changes to BadgerDAO undergo a community-wide approval process known as Badger Improvement Proposals (BIP), which require a majority vote to be passed. With BADGER, you can vote on proposals to improve the ecosystem.

Badger Boost

You can increase your Badger DAO rewards by being a member of the Badger DAO and stake your BADGER tokens in the Sett Vaults. The more you stake and the more you participate in the Badger DAO, the more rewards you earn.

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Guide on how to buy Badger DAO (BADGER)

Buy BADGER with Debit/Credit Cards

You can buy BADGER easily using your debit/credit card on OKX. OKX supports the use of Visa, Mastercard and more, alongside 90+ fiat currencies. If your preferred fiat is not supported, you can buy BTC or USDT and trade BADGER against them.

Buy USDT from Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Market

Navigate to our escrow-powered P2P trading window and purchase USDT directly from trusted sellers to trade it for BADGER. OKX supports 40 payment methods, including bank transfer, PayPal, Cash App, Revolut and more.

Buy BADGER in Spot Trading Market

OKX listed the BADGER/USDT trading pairs. If you already own Bitcoin or USDT, you can transfer them to your OKX Wallet to buy BADGER directly. Using the market order option, you can buy BADGER instantly at its market price. Alternatively, you may use the limit order option to buy at your preferred price.

Buy BADGER with OKX Convert

Easily swap top cryptocurrencies such as USDT or BTC along with 100+ other assets for BADGER. OKX Convert supports this service without any delays, fees and slippage.

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  • Is it safe to buy BADGER on OKX?
    OKX prioritizes your safety, data and assets held on our exchange. We use top-notch security protocols, including 2FA, SSL, anti-phishing methods and cold storage to ensure complete security.
  • What is the cheapest way to buy BADGER?
    OKX boasts one of the lowest fees for trading crypto, including buying BADGER. At the same time, our efficient trading engine will execute your purchase of BADGER instantly at market price, ensuring minimal price fluctuations in the volatile crypto market.
  • Can I buy BADGER with crypto apart from USDT and BTC?
    Presently, OKX offers the BADGER/USDT and BADGER/BTC trading pairs. However, you can check out OKX Convert, which offers free, instantly, slippage-free swaps for over 100 different cryptocurrencies.
  • What are the available OKX Earn options for BADGER?
    All OKX Earn products are subject to availability and market conditions. You can check out the different subscriptions available for BADGER and subscribe to your preferred plan. Every Earn product has complete information, including risk level, APY and term length and type, so you can make an informed decision.
  • Why did I receive less BADGER than anticipated in a trade?
    OKX boasts a fully transparent trading system. For every trade, traders will receive a slightly lower amount as we charge a small fee, automatically deducted from your purchase. Check out OKX's fee structure for more details.
  • What are the most popular cryptocurrencies to invest in today?

    Top crypto, based on market capitalization or total circulation value, include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), and XRP (XRP).

    However, like all other crypto, the above are also featured with volatility and risks. You should do your own research (DYOR) and evaluate your risk appetite before investing in any crypto.

  • What are the top cryptocurrencies I can buy on OKX now?
    OKX provides access to hundreds of crypto and trading pairings. Some of the most popular crypto on OKX include BTC, ETH, USDT, DOGE, SOL and OKB. You can visit our brand-new OKX Crypto Calculator. Select a crypto and a fiat currency to check the estimated real-time price.