How do I check my deposit status? (OKX lite)

发布于 2023年8月13日更新于 2024年7月3日阅读时长 2 分钟53

Option 1:

You'll receive an in-app notification once your transaction has been successfully completed on the sending platform.

Option 2:

  1. Open your OKX App Lite mode and select Market

    Option 1: Select the transfer on the homepage

    Opening Market page on OKX App Lite mode

  2. Find the crypto you're depositing and select View transactions

  3. On the transactions page, you can view all your transaction status, select Type: Receive to view your deposit status

    • Completed: the deposit has reached the required number of confirmations on the blockchain.

    • In progress: the deposit is still on-going, and you can also view the real-time updates on the required number of confirmations on the blockchain in the transaction details.

If it's taking longer than usual to receive your cryptocurrency, you can start the trouble shooting steps here.