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NFT collection
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Create NFTs in bulk
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Our intuitive tools and streamlined process make it easy to mint multiple NFTs at once.
Deploy smart contracts,
tailor your NFT collections
Deploy your own sovereign smart contract. Curate your unique NFT collections.
How to create NFTs?
Creating NFTs is a breeze – just three steps to showcase your unique vision. Start by easily uploading your content, whether it’s one file or a batch. Enhance your creation with a distinct name, description, and traits. Finalize the process by minting your NFT on the blockchain, and your digital masterpiece is ready to make its mark!
How to create multiple NFTs in bulk?
If you’re looking to create multiple NFTs seamlessly and efficiently, you’re in the right place. OKX NFT Studio has already rolled out the functionality for bulk minting. Now, you can seamlessly create multiple NFTs in one go. The process for minting several NFTs is just as user-friendly as our current method for individual NFTs.
Can I create NFTs for free?
With lazy minting, you can initiate the creation of NFTs for free in OKX NFT Studio. This feature allows you to design and upload your NFTs without incurring any upfront costs. Instead, the buyer covers the minting fee when the NFT is sold. This ensures that creators can explore and showcase their art without any financial barriers, making the NFT creation process accessible and cost-effective.