Marketplace API
Retrieve collection details

Retrieve collection details#

This interface is used to retrieve more information about individual collections, including real-time statistics such as floor prices.

Request address#


Request param#

slugStringYesCollection slug, which is the unique identifier of the collection

Response param#

nameStringCollection name
desStringCollection description
imageStringCollection logo URL
backgroundImageStringCollection background image URL
slugStringCollection slug, which is the unique identifier of the collection
certificateFlagBooleanCollection certification flag
officialWebsiteStringCollection official website
instagramUrlStringThe Instagram URL of the collection
discordUrlStringThe Discord URL of the collection
mediumUrlStringThe Medium URL of the collection
twitterUrlStringThe Twitter URL of the collection
categoryListArrayThe category list of the collection
assetContractsArrayAn array of the asset contract model that are associated with this collection, including the contract address, the protocol standard, the owner address, and whether the ERC-2981 protocol is supported, etc.
statsObjectA dictionary containing some statistics related to this collection, including the trade volume and the floor prices. An object of the collection stats model

Request example#

curl -X GET "" \
  -d "slug=xxx"

Response example#

  "code": 0,
  "data": {
    "cursor": "NA==",
    "data": [
      "assetContracts": [
          "chain": "Ethereum",
          "contractAddress": "0xff9c1b15b16263c61d017ee9f65c50e4ae0113d7",
          "erc2981": false,
          "ownerAddress": "0xf296178d553c8ec21a2fbd2c5dda8ca9ac905a00",
          "tokenStandard": "erc721"
      "backgroundImage": "",
      "categoryList": [],
      "certificateFlag": true,
      "des": "Loot is randomized adventurer gear generated and stored on chain. Stats, images, and other functionality are intentionally omitted for others to interpret. Feel free to use Loot in any way you want.",
      "discordUrl": "",
      "image": "",
      "instagramUrl": "",
      "mediumUrl": "",
      "name": "Loot (for Adventurers)",
      "officialWebsite": "",
      "slug": "loot-for-adventurers",
      "stats": {
        "floorPrice": "866.74799",
        "latestPrice": "616.4433",
        "ownerCount": "2522",
        "totalCount": "7779",
        "totalVolume": "552505219.5371664"
      "twitterUrl": ""
  "msg": ""