What are untradable assets?


What are Untradable Assets?

Untradable Assets are the crypto OKX doesn't support, and can't be traded. To learn more about how to withdraw your untradable assets, see What should I do if I accidentally deposit crypto that OKX does not support?

Types of Untradable assets

  1. Crypto that OKX doesn't support
  2. Crypto sent to networks that OKX doesn’t support
  3. Crypto that have been or will be delisted from OKX
  4. Airdrop crypto
Here are the details of these 4 types of Untradable assets:
  1. Crypto that OKX doesn’t support
OKX currently supports over 300 crypto, but there are still some crypto that OKX doesn’t support. You can always check with our customer support team prior to sending if you are unsure whether the crypto is available on OKX.
  1. Crypto sent to networks that OKX doesn’t support
Each crypto can issue tokens on different networks. However, it is possible that OKX only supports some networks of crypto. If you send crypto to OKX via unsupported networks, you won’t be able to use and trade the assets in OKX.
Take USDT, a stablecoin, as an example. Currently, OKX supports 8 networks on USDT:
  • TRC20
  • ERC20
  • OKC
  • Polygon
  • Avalanche C-Chain
  • Arbitrum one
  • Optimism
  • Polygon
  1. Crypto that will be delisted from OKX
Crypto that will be delisted from OKX refers to the crypto that OKX has ceased trading, but are still available for withdrawal. Once OKX ceases trading on a crypto, deposits of the crypto will be paused as well.
  1. Airdrop crypto
For the airdrop crypto that don’t support trading, you can’t trade these crypto in OKX.