【Lead traders】How to become a lead trader?


If you’re a skilled trader, you're welcome to join OKX Copy Trading as a lead trader to show off your trading abilities and earn a profit share.

Step 1
Apply to become a lead trader by providing basic personal information, including your contact details and a short bio. Note that you also must have completed Level 2 identity verification.

Contract copy trading:
Contract copy trading - application

Bot copy trading:
Bot copy trading - application

Step 2
We'll review your historical trading data and bio. Please ensure that the following basic criteria are met. You may also be required to provide external trading proof if required.

Contract copy trading:
Mandatory criteria

  • Have at least 500 USDT trading account assets (CN,HK,TW & MC KYC requires at least 2000 USDT trading account assets)

Bot copy trading:
Mandatory criteria
You must meet both of the following criteria:

  • Invested more than 1,000 USDT in trading bots on OKX in the past 30 days
  • Created or have more than 5 bots running on OKX in the past 30 days

Step 3
We’ll send you a notification informing you about the application results.
If your application is approved, click "Complete settings" to complete the final steps before becoming a lead trader.
If your application is disapproved, please refer to the official documentation for details, or consult customer service or the BD you are in contact with. You can apply again and submit the required supporting documents.

Contract copy trading:
Contract copy trading - application outcome

Bot copy trading results will be notified via email and push notifications