OKB Buy-Back & Burn Report (2023.03.01–2023.5.31)

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The OKB team commenced the 20th round of its Buy-Back & Burn program between March 1st, 2023 and May, 31st, 2023. In this round, the total number of OKB bought back and burned from the secondary market was 5,497,312.77 OKB — equivalent to around $258 Million (Calculated at a 90-day average price).

The OKB Buy-Back & Burn program was initially launched on May 4, 2019, OKX started to buy back OKB tokens from the original supply of 300,000,000 OKB every 3 months according to the seasonal market and operating performance — which were subsequently sent to a burning address that nobody can access.

As of today, we have burned a total of 64,042,314.70 OKB. The current OKB in circulation is 235,957,685.30 OKB.

The burning address for the token burn is as follows:

The burned OKB record is as follows:

Burned Round Burn Report Period
20th 5,497,312.77 OKB 2023.03.01–2023.05.31
19th 5,183,976.43 OKB 2022.12.01–2023.2.28
18th 4,988,637.56 OKB 2022.9.01-2022.11.30
17th 4,760,479.82 OKB 2022.6.01-2022.8.31
16th 3,755,642.45 OKB 2022.03.01-2022.5.31
15th 2,536,277.49 OKB 2021.12.01-2022.02.28
14th 2,435,426.87 OKB 2021.9.1-2021.11.30
13th 2,320,679.53 OKB 2021.6.1-2021.8.31
12th 2,008,753.54 OKB 2021.3.1-2021.5.31
11th 2,006,412.69 OKB 2020.12.1-2021.2.28
10th 4,060,773.48 OKB 2020.9.1-2020.11.30
9th 3,816,358.49 OKB 2020.6.1-2020.8.31
8th 3,509,874.52 OKB 2020.3.1-2020.5.31
7th 3,183,344.61 OKB 2019.12.1-2020.2.29
6th 5,945,273.91 OKB 2019.9.1-2019.11.30
5th 6,104,047.53 OKB 2019.6.1-2019.8.31
4th 412,753.26 OKB 2019.5.25-2019.5.31
3rd 452,741.79 OKB 2019.5.18-2019.5.24
2nd 557,364.59 OKB 2019.5.11-2019.5.17
1st 506,183.39 OKB 2019.5.4-2019.5.10

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OKB Team
June, 2023