Explorethe world of NFTs
Explorethe world of NFTs
Explorethe world of NFTs

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the world of NFTs

Welcome to your one-stop decentralized NFT market. Create and trade NFTs across different blockchains and platforms.

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Get your favorite NFTs for the best prices around with fee-free trading. We gather listings from OpenSea, Magic Eden, and many more!
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Learn about NFTs and how to buy, trade and create them on OKX NFT NFT Marketplace
  • What are NFTs?

    NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital representations of a piece of media built and certified by blockchain technology. They can be a representation of practically anything from art, to collectibles, music, videos, gaming gear, and much more.
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  • How do I buy my first NFT?

    Connect your Web3 wallet to the marketplace and find an NFT you like. Then, select "Buy now" or "Make an offer" and follow along with the instructions for each. Make sure you have enough funds in your wallet before making your selection.
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  • How do I create my first NFT?

    You can create your own NFT at the top of the NFT Marketplace homepage. Select "Create an NFT" and follow along with the instructions. Upload an image, audio or video file, name it, and set the royalty fee you'd like to earn from its sale.
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  • How can I participate?

    Calling NFT artists, developers, and partners! We want to work with you! Contact us for more info on our supported protocol standards and getting started on collaboration.
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