Marketplace API
Collection models

Collection models#

Collections are used to represent all the assets in a single (or multiple) contract address(es) and help users group items from the same creator. They have one or more owners and are typically associated with important metadata such as creator royalties and descriptions.

The below OKX Football Cup is an example of a collection shown on OKX.


Collection model#

All related information for the collection:

nameStringCollection name
desStringCollection description
imageStringCollection logo URL
backgroundImageStringCollection background image URL
slugStringCollection slug, which is the unique identifier of the collection
certificateFlagBooleanCollection certification flag
officialWebsiteStringCollection official website
instagramUrlStringThe Instagram URL of the collection
discordUrlStringThe Discord URL of the collection
mediumUrlStringThe Medium URL of the collection
twitterUrlStringThe Twitter URL of the collection
categoryListArrayThe category list of the collection
assetContractsArrayAn Array of the Asset Contract Model that are associated with this collection, including contract address, protocol standard, owner address, whether the ERC-2981 protocol is supported, etc.
statsObjectA dictionary containing some statistics related to this collection, including trade volume and floor prices, an object of the Collection Stats Model

Asset contract model#

The Information for Collection

chainStringThe chain of the contract that is associated with this collection
contractAddressStringA contract address that is associated with this collection
tokenStandardStringThe protocol type of the contract eg: ERC-721, ERC-1155
ownerAddressStringThe owner address of the contract
erc2981BooleanWhether the contract supports 2981 protocol

Collection stats model#

The related statistics for the collection

latestPriceStringThe latest sale price of this collection
totalVolumeStringThe total sale volume of this collection
totalCountStringThe total NFT count of this collection
ownerCountStringThe owner count of this collection
floorPriceStringThe floor price of this collection