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Created Jan 2022
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Yokai Kingdom is a web3 game universe, built on the Ethereum blockchain and inspired by rich, ancient Japanese mythology. 8,888 Genesis hero NFT trading cards is based on Oni (鬼), a fearsome yōkai spirit. Each is the key to unlock the Yokai Kingdom metaverse, including the tactical card game ONI’s QUEST ABOUT THE GAME (Coming Q4 2022): - Game teaser: https://vimeo.com/722255498 - A new generation of roguelike deckbuilder game, with true ownership of in-game assets for players - A unique hybrid of roguelike permadeath and persistent TCG elements - Free to Play - 4 different classes of heroes to play - each with its own in-game experience and strategy - Craft your perfect hero by combining equipment and companion NFTs Discover the story so far: https://vimeo.com/717909746 https://linktr.ee/YokaiKingdom
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