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The WAIFU Genesis Card Collection

The WAIFU Genesis Card Collection

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Created Dec 2020
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The collection features a number of works by anime illustrators and 3d artists from around the globe. WAIFU NFTs can be earned through the WAIFU farming platform at, while some limited and one of a kind WAIFUs are auctioned. Every few weeks there are new additions to the collection with an emphasis on fair distribution and community rewards. There are five different categories of WAIFU NFTs with a corresponding number of stars: 1) common, 2) rare, 3) super rare, 4) legendary, and 5) heirloom. Cards with no stars are deemed the "special" category, and a spinning globe signifies a "Powah" WAIFU which is charged with a yield-farming basket of either aToken or WAIF-ETH LPs that helps the collectible grow with the market. Visit to learn more!
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