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Giới thiệu về Token Club (TCT)

TokenClub is committed to build up an investor-oriented cryptocurrency investment platform which can provide timely and accurate market information, practical investment instructions, active community interactions and trustful financial service. Now TokenClub has already established the investment service platform which integrates market information, investment consultancy and eduction, live platform, communities, asset management, research lab and many other functions.

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Số thành viên nhóm

Tong GaoCEO

Tong Gao is PhD graduated from university of Michigan with major in information system, and her research area mainly focuses on financial big data analysis and business intelligent system (BI). She led the team to develop business data interaction system based on natural language in Adobe research institute during the PhD period. Also, Tong has publish a series of papers at top international conferences, which are used by Google, IBM, Stanford and other top scientific research institutes.

Fei LiChief Scientist

Fei Li is PHD graduated from university of Michigan with major in distributed system and he is proficient in the infrastructure design and development of distributed database system. During the PhD period, he participated in the structure design of IBM huge data integration system and the optimization of google ad recommendation structure, achieved the “Best Paper” reward of International Top-level Conference on Databases - VLDB, “Research Highlight” reward of the SIGMOD Record Database Magazine

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