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As a relatively new industry, the world of cryptocurrency is fast-paced and constantly changing. Following the latest cryptocurrency news can be time-consuming — and understanding how the cryptocurrency market works can be difficult for new entrants. Some of the most discussed topics within the crypto industry include the prices of top cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH), and, more recently, there has been a lot coverage on the role of decentralized finance within the cryptocurrency market.
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Understanding Cryptocurrency Market Dynamics

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The cryptocurrency market is unique in that digital assets are bought, sold and traded 24/7 — meaning that cryptocurrency prices are always changing. Furthermore, as cryptocurrencies can be traded on multiple exchanges, prices may vary from platform to platform.

With no central institution regulating the cryptocurrency market, it is often subject to extreme volatility. Price swings are common — and cryptocurrency news is often a major contributor. For example, a new regulatory decision announced by a government or a significant change to a cryptocurrency's blockchain protocol can lead to more buying or selling pressure. The cryptocurrency market is not isolated from world events, either. Major regional or global news stories can lead investors to either buy more assets and drive prices up or sell more assets and drive prices down.

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