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$110 744
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2 100 000 000


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Про WaykiChain Governance Coin (WGRT)

WGRT, the governance coin supported by WaykiChain's decentralized lending platform. The platform provides decentralized collateral lending services for users worldwide. WGRT holders can participate in the adjustment of system parameters and the governance of system operation rules, which is an important part of the DeFi Ecosystem. WUSD, a stablecoin whose value is pegged to USD, is developed based on the core layer of the WaykiChain public chain. In the DeFi Ecosystem, anyone can conduct collat

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Соціальні мережі

Про засновників

Wayki SunCSO

One of the earliest digital currency investors and entrepreneurs in China, named as "Godfather" in the industry, and nicknamed as "Fencing Master" online, the world most powerful pushing hand of Dogecoin. The founder of Xinhuo Network, the founder of Ou Lu Zhong Chou and the Managing Director of Jufeng Digital Asset Management Co., Ltd. Sun led an investment team of hundreds of people with great achievements made in stock, foreign exchange, futures and digital currency markets. With over 10 yearsentrepreneurial experience in the financial industry and the Internet high-tech industry, Sun enjoys high reputation in both the traditional financial industry and the emerging digital currency market, and with plentiful industrial resources, maintains good cooperation with the industrial biggest digital currency exchange.

Gordon GaoCEO

Hang Gao, an alumni of Columbia University in New York, ex-Lead Data Scientist of Fishbowl in Wall Street, ex-Senior Data Analyst of Alibaba Group, senior member of Mensa International Club, currently serves as WaykiChains CEO. He is responsible for offering support to WaykiChains commercial model designing and strategy planning, building up a digitalized monitor system for products and operation and promoting WaykiChain overseas with his international background.

Richard ChenCTO

Master of Computer Science from the National University of Singapore and Bachelor of Communication Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Richard worked for Alibaba and was responsible for the internal and external information security system construction of the entire groups Customer Service Department. Prior to this, Richard also served as Senior Vice President for the worlds top investment bank Morgan Stanley for 3 years and Intel Chief Architect for 8 years.

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Ціна сьогодні
Ціна WaykiChain Governance Coin
Зміна ціни (24 г)
Мін. і макс. (24 г)
Об’єм (24 г)
$110 744
Запас в обороті
2 100 000 000
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