Margin means borrowing. Borrow to long and take profit when the price increases, or borrow to short and take profit when the price decreases. Margin, or collateral is required for all margin trading at OKX.
OKX offers different margin trading modes users can select based on their needs.

Cross margin

Account modeIntroductionMore
Single-currency crossUsers can choose to go long or short trading pairs. All the assets and liabilities will be displayed in position. Margin can be either base or quote crypto.Trading rules
Multi-currency cross / Portfolio margin crossUsers can buy crypto with borrowings or transfer the borrowed crypto under multi-currency cross or portfolio margin mode (make sure the auto-borrow is turned on). Liabilities will be displayed in cross assets and the free margin is calculated as the discounted USD value of all crypto in trading account.Trading rules

Isolated margin

Transfer modeIntroductionMore
Auto transfersThe margin required will be transferred from cross to isolated automatically when user opens a position. A long position uses the base crypto as margin, whereas a short position uses quote crypto. The remaining margin and realized PnL will be transferred back to cross account automatically when positions are closed.Trading rules
Quick marginYou can start trading after manually transferring collateral assets in isolated quick margin mode. After you borrow crypto, margin trading is very similar to spot trading. Both base and quote currencies can serve as collateral for loans.Trading rules