Smart Contract
Verifying with Foundry

Verifying with Foundry#

Foundry is a smart contract development toolchain and supports X Layer.

You can visit here to get started. The tutorial below will also guide you to verify your smart contract with Foundry.

Important notes#

  1. First, you need to apply for a key in OKLink browser.
  2. After you deploy your contract code, make sure to wait at least one minute before verifying it.

Verify by using Foundry#


  1. Ensure that you have applied for an OKLink API key here.

  2. Verify a smart contract with the forge verify-contract command.

Note that you must provide the following:

  • The smart contract address
  • The contract name or the pathway to the smart contract such as <path>:<contractname>.
  • The verify-url in the following format. You can find the chainShortName here.{chainShortName} 
  • The OKLink API key in the following format:

    forge verify-contract <the_contract_address>
          --verifier oklink 
          --verifier-url oklinkverifyUrl
          --api-key oklinkApiKey
  1. In case of an Etherscan verification, you must also provide your Etherscan API key, either by passing it as an argument or setting ETHERSCAN_API_KEY.

  2. Check your verification results. It is recommended that you use the --watch flag along with the verify-contract command in order to poll for the verification result.

If the --watch flag was not supplied, you can also check the verification status with the forge verify-check command:

forge verify-check --chain 11155111 --verifier oklink --verifier-url{chainShortName} --api-key <your_OKLink_api_key>  <GUID>