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As a basic application platform of blockchain, INT is committed to making the IoT blockchain into a networking infrastructure like TCP/IP which is designed in decentralized way. INT has a wide range of applications, including industrial manufacturing, smart automobile, transportation, public technology facilities and smart cities. With the opening of the entire Internet of Things, the INT-based IoT basic application platform will finally evolve into an INT-driven IoT ecosystem.
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Ekip üyeleri

Yin XiangyuDirector of Operation

Head of INT China. A diehard fan for the IoT. One of the earliest IoT research and development practitioners in China, entrepreneur of successive Internet startups and Apache Mynewt code contributor. Mr. Yin has participated in the research and development, application and promotion of wearable remote single-soldier life test instrument based on GPRS, depth of anesthesia tester, early diabetic neuropathy tester and the first WeChat-based IoT device in China - Welomo.

Xiang RuofeiCSO

Chief Scientist of INTchain. Dr. Xiang holds the degree of post-doctoral research at Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). He is a young expert in the Next Generation (5G) Wireless Communication and IoT technology, and he now majors in the applications of “Blockchain - IoT” technological convergence. He took charge of one of “863” Projects. He has published multiple papers and applied for several technology patents.

Chen GuanghuiChief Engineer

Computer Software Major of Fudan University. Worked for EastCOM and Huawei successively with rich experience in communication underlying technologies, system architecture, R&D project management, software development, mobile Internet and other fields. In 2012, he started his own business in mobile phone taxi service market.


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