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SYNPETICA by Stephen Bliss background
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SYNPETICA by Stephen Bliss

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Создано Sep 2023
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Audio Galleries Presents: SYNPETICA by Stephen Bliss, creator of Fear City and former Senior Artist for Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto Franchise. With a passion vintage movie posters, Stephen wanted to create one for his Fear City, cartoon universe. The story is centered on a tech company called Synpetica, manufacturers of advanced AI synthetic pets that mimic real pets' affection, serve as therapists (speaking multiple languages), sense their owners' mood (and give emotion-appropriate compliments), cook, clean, read bedtime stories, take photos, brush hair, and guard the owner's home (save 10% on defence accessories when you pre-order). What could possibly go wrong? To mirror society's current fear about AI potentially harming humanity, Synpetica Synth-Pets are secretly programmed to evolve and destroy their owners. Stephen began this narrative a year prior to AI's widespread use, unintentionally tapping into a prescient theme.
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