Wallet API (Under construction)


What is walletId?#

OKX Wallet can manage multiple addresses on the blockchain simultaneously. WalletId is a unique identifier for the aggregation of multi-chain addresses - making the management and use of multi-chain addresses more convenient.

What is orderId?#

As we know, smart contracts on the blockchain will generate a txHash. However, for complex contracts that may involve multiple subsidiary contracts, there could be multiple txHashes. To simplify this, OKX Wallet has introduced the concept of an order dimension, abstracting complex contracts into a single order. Thus, the orderId is the unique identifier of this order, which can be used to easily query various contract details.

What is chainId?#

The chainId here is not the unique identifier of each chain as mentioned in EIP-155, but a unique identifier for each chain as defined by OKX Wallet. In most cases, it aligns with the chainId as defined in EIP-155. However, in a few cases where conflicts occur between EIP-155 and BIP-44, the chainId might differ from the actual chainId.

What is eip155chainId?#

chainId specified in EIP-155. You can access detailed chainId information through this link.

What is coinId?#

To simplify business understanding and reduce the computational resource waste brought by redundant tokens, OKX Wallet introduced the concept of coinId to identify tokens and main-net coins. It comes with thousands of popular tokens and main-net coins built in. Users can also add custom tokens via chainId + contract address to generate a new coinId.