Apply for API key#

Before using the wallet API, you need to create a project and generate an API key in the developer portal. The detailed steps and related resources are as follows:

Create project and generate API key#

  1. Log in to the developer management platform.
  2. Create a new project.
  3. Generate API key in project settings. We’ve prepared a detailed guide for you to help you complete these steps. You can read Create your project and Generate an API key to get started faster.

REST request verification#

When sending a REST request, you need to authenticate. We provide a detailed REST authentication guide to help you understand and implement this process.

Node.js environment settings#

Import the necessary Node.js libraries and set your environment variables as well as define helper functions and assembly parameters Node.js configuration environment settings.

Integration components#

OKX WaaS provides Javascript SDK and Golang SDK to easily integrate encrypted asset trading assembly and signature functions into your web and mobile applications. Then, It can send and receive relevant on-chain data through the backend proxy owned by the client.