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HyperDAO aims to establish a complete DeFi ecosystem, providing clients with a decentralised financial infrastructure. HyperDAO holds openness, fairness, and interconnectedness at its core. Based on distributed ledger and blockchain technology, HyperDAO is going to build a financial services ecosystem including collateral-backed stablecoins, decentralised community crowdfunding, decentralised wallets, cloud exchanges, market forecasts, asset management, microfinance, and e-citizen information.
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Команда проекта

Jayden WeiFounder

Jayden Wei is a pioneer investor in Australia’s fin-tech industry. Having graduated from Monash University with a Master’s degrees in Accounting and Finance, he founded Collinstar Capital (2015), a leading blockchain company in Australia and consequently established Australia's first blockchain venture capital fund, Blockchain Ventures (2017).

Ryan AngHead of Strategy

Ryan Ang is a cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast who has joined Blockchain Venture in 2017 as a fund manager. Ryan is primarily involved in investment management and oversees the daily operations of the fund. He also leads the investment due diligence team and is responsible for the management of over 40 investments in the fund’s portfolio. Ryan worked in the private equity and asset management field in Singapore. He had also performed consulting work for companies in Australia.

James HaftAdvisor

Being the Co-Founder of PALcapital, CryptoOracle, CryptoMondays, PALgenesis Fund, NXTPLabs, Climate- Coin, Condo.com, Houses.com, and StartupHub.nyc, James Halt has a good knowledge of the forming, managing, advising, fund raising, and business development for start-ups. James also has significant experience with internet apps and platforms, cryptocurrencies, integrated media, online advertising, telecommunications, energy, emerging markets, financial consulting, real estate and venture capital.

Faisal MehmoodTechnology Advisor

Faisal aka “Electo” is very active in trading communities and provides a lot of constructive and technical feedback and education around bitcoin and trading. He was a co-founder of Litecoin (2012) and has moved on to other well-known blockchain projects such as HyperLedger and IPFS. Prior to this, Faisal worked with many of the top 100 fortune companies to create and implement prediction-based models based on both machine learning (AI) and trend analysis.

Nathan HuntHead of Government Relations

Nathan Hunt has served on the Board of Directors of the Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association since 1996. He was Chairman of CERBA’s National Board of Directors from 2009 through 2013 and Chairman of the Moscow Chapter of CERBA from September 2001 to present. Hunt’s US-based holdings include HunTel Engineering, a Nebraska corporation specialising in fiber optics engineering for LECs and internet service providers in Middle America.

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