OKX is now integrated with Intralogic

Publicado a 11/05/2022Atualizado a 14/12/2023Leitura de 2 minutos

OKX is pleased to announce that we have integrated with Intralogic for professionally automated crypto trading. You can now conduct spot tradings with OKX via our API on Intralogic, which is free for OKX users only until July 1st, 2022.

About Intralogic

Intralogic, founded in 2010, is a top trading bot. It has many built-in filters to select the best available cryptos to trade:

  • Automatically selects more than 25 cryptos to trade;

  • Also allows copying of purchase alerts of selected bot users;

  • Watch how other users run trading strategies, check their transactions and profit history, and copy trade from the top-performing traders.