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KlayCity is a decentralized P2E (Play to Earn) game built on the Klaytn Blockchain. $ORB Tokens can be used for exploring new Districts, or to upgrade existing Districts, and increase the rate of LAY007 generation. The entire game is decentralized, and we utilize staking, minting, and burning to create a seemless P2E envirnoment. The year is 2080, and earth as we know it is no longer the same. Wrecked by years of global warming and pollution, most of the population centers have long gone. The few privileged to have survived have finally mastered the LAY007. The new generation has finally perfected the technology to cleanse the pollution that ravaged the generation before, and made repopulation possible again. Mankind has only one goal. Develop LAY007s and clean up the earth in order to survive.

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Jake Choi
Jake Choi
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