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Cryptocurrency Futures Trading

The unprecedented growth witnessed by the cryptocurrency space in recent years has resulted in the introduction of new, more advanced trading products, such as futures and options. Futures trading represents a significant chunk of traditional derivatives markets and is also the most traded cryptocurrency derivative.
Top crypto exchanges like OKX support trading futures and options for Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and other digital assets, alongside providing a variety of tutorials, resources and data, such as futures trading charts.
Since futures trading requires an understanding of derivatives, new users are encouraged to learn about trading futures and options and to acknowledge the risks involved before entering the markets.
Futures Trading
Futures Trading

What is Futures Trading?

Cryptocurrency Futures Trading
Future Obligation

Future Obligation

Futures contracts involve two parties that agree to exchange the underlying asset at a future price, on a predetermined date.
Long Positions

Long Positions

Traders who believe the underlying asset will appreciate in price in the future enter long positions, committing to buy the underlying asset.
Short Positions

Short Positions

Traders expecting a decline in price in the future take short positions, committing to sell the underlying asset.

Why Choose OKX for Futures Trading?

OKX is the best crypto trading platform
OKX High Liquidity

High Liquidity

OKX futures trading markets are highly liquid, which means you get the best prices.
Access to Market Data

Access to Market Data

OKX offers both the latest and historic market data and futures trading charts to help users understand market trends.
OKX Wide Variety of Contracts

Wide Variety of Contracts

OKX users get access to both standard futures and perpetual swaps for several top cryptocurrencies.

Choosing between Trading futures or Options

Differences between Futures and Options

Both futures and options are types of derivatives and can be traded on OKX for a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH).

While both derivatives are agreements for future transactions, options are optional but futures contracts are obligatory commitments. Futures contracts are useful not only for traders but for individuals and organizations that deal with the actual underlying assets, allowing them to mitigate operational and business risks from unforeseen market movements and volatility.

The most common example is that of Bitcoin miners, which generate revenue from the BTC they receive — the value of which can fluctuate widely, though their costs are relatively fixed and often paid in fiat. If Bitcoin's price declines significantly in the future, the miners' ability to meet their fixed costs is adversely affected, potentially jeopardizing their operations. In order to manage this risk, miners can turn to the futures market and find future buyers for their BTC at prices that will allow them to continue operating profitably.

Options contracts, on the other hand, are more suitable for price speculation with limited downside risks.

OKX offers both options and futures trading for Bitcoin and other digital currencies, and it also has a host of tutorials, guides, analyses and futures trading charts available so that users can make the most of their trading strategies and goals.


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