#Node Overview

#Node Types on OKB Chain

OKB Chain is operated by two different types of node - Validator Node and RPC Node.

#Validator Node

Validator nodes on OKB Chain are the authorised node operators of the OKB Chain that participate in the consensus and validating transactions and blocks. You can see the real-time view of OKB Chain validator nodes on OKLink Explorer.

Note Only authorised nodes are selected as the validator node for OKB Chain

#RPC Node

RPC nodes are RPC service providers that provide public RPC endpoints for developers to use. OKB Chain currently maintains a public RPC endpoint https://okbtestrpc.okbchain.org/ that is free for everyone to use. However, any participants are encouraged to run their own RPC node and offer RPC services.

#Why run a Node?

You may decide to run a node of your own for a few reasons:

  • To run applications that heavily depend on RPC performance and/or availability
  • To quickly extract blockchain data that can be used for chain analytics, block explorer, etc

#Types of Network

There are a few different networks to potentially run a node. Each network operates with its own independent validators and unique state.

  • mainnet
  • testnet