#Hardware Requirement

#Minimum Hardware Configuration

This is the minimum hardware configuration required to engage with OKB Chain as a RPC node:

ParametersRPC Node
CPU3.5 GHz, 4-Core
Storage200G SSD
SuggestionsAWS r6i.2xlarge, 4 Core, 32G, 3.5GHz

💡 The minimum storage requirements will change over time as the network grows. It is recommended to use more than the minimum requirements to run a robust full node

#Recommendations on Running Nodes


OKBC nodes use level db to store block data and state data. Frequently read disks will require a higher requirement for disk performance.


Using the ordinary cloud disk of Alibaba Cloud will cause the node to lag behind in synchronizing blocks.


Alibaba Cloud offers 4 types of Cloud Disks: Standard SSDs, Ultra disks, ESSDs, ESSD AutoPL disks. Recommendation: Use Standard SSD for both Alibaba Cloud and AWS machines. Reference: Alibaba Cloud Disks Categories