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1. What is OKB Chain (OKBC)?
OKB Chain (OKBC) is a secure, low costing, and developer-friendly L2 protocol built to produce high-performance decentralized applications with seamless integration.
2. What is the native token on OKBC?
OKB is the native token on OKBC, and can be used to pay transaction fees. OKB also happens to be the platform token for OKX exchange, which you can use to receive various benefits. See more.
3. Why build on OKBC?
OKBC is 100% EVM and Cosmos compatible, provides easy-to-use developer APIs for deployment, and has a strong and flourishing ecosystem of top-tier protocols that helps your DApp to expand your reach and receive community support. In the future, OKBC will also have Wasm compatibility, which further opens up OKBC's interoperability.
As OKBC is a chain empowered by OKX, you will also have easy access to over 50 million users on OKX's platform.
4. What programming languages and frameworks are supported by OKBC?
OKBC supports Solidity, Go for developing smart contracts. OKBC supports Remix, Truffle, and Hardhat for an extensive environment for smart contract development, testing, and deployment. OKBC provides an official GoSDK, JavaScriptSDK and JavaSDK for developers to interact with the OKB Chain.
5. What is the roadmap or future development plan?
For more details about OKBC roadmap, see more.
6. What support and community resources are available for OKBC developers?
OKBC offers all-around developer support to foster the growth of your project, through: comprehensive developer documentation, interacting with the developer community, hackathons and other events, developer grants and funding, ecosystem partnerships, and marketing support.