How do I deploy my staking pools with BRC20-S?

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What is BRC20-S staking pool process?

OKX is now introducing BRC20-S which allows you to stake and earn your BRC20 tokens. Staking also offers you an incentive to retain your tokens, thereby alleviating selling pressure in the market and fostering a stable token ecosystem.

Additionally, project teams will have the option to distribute their tokens to Bitcoin or BRC20 token holders, enhancing user engagement and facilitating community growth.

How do I deploy my staking pool with BRC20-S?

  1. Make sure you have installed the OKX Wallet browser extension where the version has to be at least 2.52.0 or above.
  2. Based on the token economic model and project situation, prepare the basic parameters for the deployment pool. Learn more about the deployment of the BRC20-S pool.
  3. Select Wallet > DeFi > BRC-20 Staking and Deploy to startCT-web-web3-BRC20S accessSelect Deploy to deploy your staking pool
  4. Follow the page instructions to connect to the OKX WalletCT-web-BRC20S staking pool connect walletConnecting wallet extension
  5. Import the BTC wallet into your OKX wallet. Learn more about how to create/import your BTC wallet. Make sure you have sufficient BTC balance to cover the fees for at least a few transactions.
  6. CT-web-BRC20S staking pool connect BTC walletImport your BTC wallet and make sure you have sufficient BTC balance
  7. Select Deploy again and fill in the pool parameters.


  • The pool ID is the unique identifier of the pool. You can copy and share it with your project's community to clarify the official pool information.
    CT-web-web3-BRC20S staking pool formFill in the necessary information
  1. Select Submit to proceed with the transaction via the wallet.
  2. Wait for the transaction to be registered on the blockchain, or check the transaction status here.
  3. After the transaction is confirmed, the staking pool will be included at the bottom of the page.

Note: you can also visit the OKX Web3 Wallet to view the details of the inscription.

  1. The deployment process is now complete. Your next step is to wait for the activation of BRC20 staking on the OKX Wallet. To stay informed about the progress and receive notifications once staking is fully operational, stay connected with us on social media!

To learn more about BRC20-S, click here.