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    9,999 unique 3D Brian NFT collection is launched by the Braindom Games which has 150+ million downloads in the App Store and Google Play. Matchingham Games has launched 9 successful mobile games.


    Brian NFTs by Braindom Games

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    BOOMGALA is an NFT project consisting of 10,000 avatars, and each NFT is a credential to enter the BOOMGALA metaverse. BOOMGALA will build apartments and games in the metaverse, and will set up DAO, while NFT holders will have the right to receive community profits and jointly govern the community.


    BOOMGALA NFT public sale

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    There will be a total of 19969 3D pacas, and 9669 will be claim for free for all 2D genesis paca holders. The rest will be whitelisted among well known communities, and then dutch auction.


    3D Alpacadabraz First Release

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    X Rabbits Club is a Crypto native brand launched by the famous Chinese IP Cold Rabbit, a series of 7,000 NFTs. The OKEx NFT platform has partnered with XRC to facilitate direct user participation in XRC public sales. Non-whitelisted users, please wait until 13:00 on January 17 (HKT) to participate.

    Minted: 7,000 /7,000

    X Rabbits Club Public Sale Officially Opened

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  • Galaxy Blitz NFT Planets

  • OKX x McLaren Automotive NFT Whitelist Raffle

  • Shambala Running Shoes Launch on OKX NFT

  • Satoshi Island Whitelist Application

  • Doge NFT Initial Offering

  • James Jean NFT Whitelist Application

About the Primary

Primary is a marketplace that allows high-quality projects, artists, and celebrities to conduct the primary list of NFT assets.

Users or players can place orders before the NFT flows into the secondary marketplace to obtain a better price or the priority to experience the project in advance.

What is MetaX NFT?
MetaX NFT market is an initial offering platform to launch NFT activity, united with artists, issuers, celebrities, gamefi, virtual worlds etc..
What are the types of launch activity?
The types of launch activities currently supported are flashsale, blind box, auction, mint and whitelist flashsale.
What is whitelist activity?
Whitelist activity is selected premium activities by MetaX NFT, an activity type towards loyal users of MetaX NFT. Users need to finish whitelist tasks to obtain purchase qualification.
What is mint activity?
Mint activity cooperates with issuers to provide users with direct mint NFT activities.
Which chain do we currently support?
Currently, MetaX NFT is one of the most chain-supported NFT markets, ETH, BSC,OEC are already supported, Polygon,Immutable X, Tron are coming.